You can donate directly via our GoFundMe page here:

If you feel like we do and you want to support the walk for music, then we want to hear from you!

We are needing volunteers, social media supporters (people that commit to forwarding and driving attention to our project online), as well as products and services needed (see below), and donations of all sizes.

We have all sorts of ways to say thank you for your support!

If you are open to offering any of the below, or for financial donations, please contact [email protected] for more details.

Sport Clothing
Food/ Beverages
Transportation in Ireland for the walk itself
Social media
Public relations
Lodging in Ireland

Up to $100 (Bass):

  • A great feeling for helping all those incredible people in the music industry that make us feel so good!
  • A personalized live shoutout on our social media channels as a donor
  • Name listed on our crowdfunding platform as a donor

Up to $250 (Tenor):

All of the above PLUS 

  • A VIP invitation to a private online soiree
  • 2 live shoutouts on social media for you or your business/organization
  • Listing on our social media channels as a donor

A magical They Did It Tour mystery gift

Up to $500 (Alto):

All of the above PLUS PLUS

  • Multiple shout-outs throughout the pre-event on social media (minimum 5)
  • Minimum 3 mentions at media events
  • A special VIP designer wearable gift (made especially for this event only)
  • 1 shout-out on the road during the walk

Up to $1,250 (Soprano):

All of the above PLUS PLUS PLUS

  • Your name (or anyone’s name you choose) or business written on our outfit while we walk at least once on each of us, one day each
  • Two VIP-designed wearable gifts (made especially for this event only)
  • Picture and acknowledgement on our social media and website
  • 4 major shout-outs on the walking tour itself
  • If wanted, a live interview on social media/podcast

THANK YOU so much for donating to The Unforgettable “They Did It Tour “ two Women Walking and Rocking.

For more information on how you can support,

please reach out to us at [email protected] !

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