Our Incredible Journey

Hi, Deborah and Corinne here! It’s an absolute pleasure to meet you.  Please click on this video and allow me to welcome you on behalf of both of us, and let you know what this is all about!!! Hold onto your hats!!  It’s pretty incredible and will be full of spectacular adventures!! “The Unforgettable They Did It Tour, Two Women…

Things to do in Ireland

On our journey across Ireland, we will be walking a total of 297 km from Dublin to Galway and then onwards to the Cliffs of Moher. What an exciting and self-motivating experience it is going to be to travel to a different country and spend 10 days there learning, exploring, and making new friends (this one will be easy as…

Train with us

  Meet Ramin, our incredible trainer. In preparation for our walk across Dublin, Corinne and I have been working out with trainer Ramin Rasavar to get ourselves in the best shape as possible. Mobile Gym offers personal training, nutritional guidance, and MST simulators, all in one package. What I love most is that he comes to us. With our busy…

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