R&R with Darby Mills
R&R with Darby Mills

What is your destiny? Do you want to reach someone else’s destiny or your own? You are going to have to be BRAVE! Time is short, and things can change in an instant. On today’s show, Canadian Rock & Roll icon Darby Mills candidly shares her ups and downs of achieving International fame as well as the Resilience & Reinvention required to prolong a career in the music industry. She is someone who continues to listen to her gut, fight for her voice, and let creativity take the wheel of her life. Darby’s inspiring story is not to be missed! You will laugh, cry, and be amazed as this figure-skating, Tae Kwon Do instructing, Jewelry designing, ‘Queen of Scream’ shares from her heart.

Episode #123: Darby Mills

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Facebook: facebook.com/darbypmills
Insta: @darbymillsproject
Websites: darbymills.com

Find out more here: darbymills.com

Darby’s Favourite album: Prism, by Katy Perry … specifically “By the Grace of God”

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