15 Minutes of Fame with David Henning
15 Minutes of Fame with David Henning

YOU have a story to tell. As Andy Warhol once said “everyone will be famous for 15 minutes”, and you have no idea where your story might lead. Our guest today is the intrepid Dave Henning, joining us from Costa Rica. He shares how he found out early the importance of investing in himself and how hanging around positive, inspiring, higher-level people opened doors of opportunity for him. Over his 30+ year career as a DJ and radio talk show host, he has heard and shared the real-life stories of courage and survival from people who have Been. Through. It. He speaks on and writes about the power of encouragement and how to implement it in your business and life. There is power in calling people by name – seeing them for what they can be, not by what they are, asking questions to get to know them and infusing them with HOPE for a new and fresh start.

Dave’s Favourite album: Abbey Road, by The Beatles – specifically Side B

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Episode #130: Dave Henning

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