Your Mindset Can Change Everything…

Most of us have heard the saying “look on the bright side” or “things could be worse”. People that say these comments usually are positive thinkers. Research is beginning to show the vast impacts of thinking more positively and having an optimistic mindset.

If you didn’t already know, our subconscious minds do not understand the difference between real and fake. If we speak negatively to ourselves our body will react negatively. If we speak positively, our body will be more likely to experience positive effects.

More specifically, having an optimistic mindset can lead to less stress. Instead of dwelling on a situation, people who think positively will think of ways they can move forward. Not only does thinking positively help ease stress, it can also lead to increased immune function. Your mind can have a powerful effect on your body. In one study, researchers found that activation in brain areas associated with negative emotions led to a weaker immune response to a flu vaccine.

Overall, thinking positively and having an optimistic mindset instead of a pessimistic one leads to better overall wellness, decreased mental health, and increased lifespan.

Why not give it a try, right?

Challenge yourself to interrupt your negative thoughts throughout the day and replace them with something positive.

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