Our Incredible Journey
Our Incredible Journey

Hi, Deborah and Corinne here!

It’s an absolute pleasure to meet you.  Please click on this video and allow me to welcome you on behalf of both of us, and let you know what this is all about!!!

Hold onto your hats!!  It’s pretty incredible and will be full of spectacular adventures!!

“The Unforgettable They Did It Tour, Two Women Walking and Rocking” is a global movement for the support and love of the music industry. Don’t we all have those songs that move us to another place and heal us deep inside?  This effort is all about Community, Music, Serving Others, and Gumption.  This incredible journey that myself and Corinne are embarking on has us walking 10 marathons across Ireland …  in 10 days … all to raise money for women in the music industry.  It will be an epic journey, and we hope you will join us!!

Life is funny. Neither of us ever thought that we would be taking on a project of this magnitude, and to be doing so in one of the most gorgeous countries, Ireland, is a real blessing.  This project is going to give great pleasure, joy, success, and funding to people we meet along the way.  We hope you see something for yourself in this endeavour, and are able to participate in whatever level feels right for you, from cheer-leading on the sidelines, or sponsoring/funding parts of the project, or sharing with your friends, families and social circle about this amazing project.  This is such an incredible project.  We hope that what people come to see with this project is the true essence that anything in life is possible.

We thank you in advance for checking out our site and following us on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

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